Error Installing Node-red Modbus snap V3.0.2 on Ubuntu core 16

Hello all :wave:,

I am currently using Node red snap, V3.0.2(Node-Red Snap) and i'm trying to install node-red-contrib-modbus palette , Modbus Palette but however I can't install it and these are some of the errors i faced.

These are some of the steps i tried before coming here:

  • I have followed this Steps to install node red modbus but it didn't work.

These are some of the errors i faced

Would appreciate your guidance, really lost at this point.

Thank you! :grin:

The snap version of Node-RED is highly constrained inside it's container. So adding nodes that require native code (like the serialport for modbus) won't work. You will need to use the full install instead.

@dceejay thanks for the reply!

Is there any way i can full install it? if so could you guide me on this.


I don't know about Ubuntu core, but I would start by trying the recommended Debian/Ubuntu/pi script. Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED

@Colin thanks for the reply!

I have already tried this method but unfortunately, i am not able to install the modbus Palette.:sweat_smile:

Do you mean you installed using the script (not the snap) and even then could not install the modbus node?
If so then go into your .node-red folder, remove the node_modules folder and run
npm install
If that fails then post the output here (copy/paste rather than screenshot please). If it succeeds then run
npm install node-red-contrib-modbus


I will try that method, Thank you very much!


Hi, but I just realize that i can't use that command for the node-red snap, but i was able to access the node red modules , but however doing the same Steps it did not allow me to install inside the node red modules file.

Sorry, but that sentence does not make it clear what you have now tried that fails.


Hi, sorry for the late reply,

I have already tried to install the Modbus palette, but i have gotten the error from the first post, so I went into Node-Red Snap and tried to access and remove the node_modules folder from your suggestion, but however, it returned me with this error that most of them are read-only file system even though I tried to forcibly remove them.

My suggestion was that you could uninstall the snap version and use the usual node red install script.


Ohh, my bad, is there any method using the snap version? so that I am able to install the Modbus palette?

Few, if any, here use the snap version so it may be difficult to find a solution.


i see, thanks for the replies and help! Many thanks!

I think snap remove ... will remove a snap - snap --help will show you options.

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