Error message when i deploy

I'm a bit rust can anyone tell how I identify where this error is come from

2/29/2020, 10:15:12 PMnode: d802003c.254f3msg : string[55]

Error stopping node: ReferenceError: pwm is not defined

hope it make sense

Search (Ctrl-F) for the d802003c.254f3 id in the editor.

But if it is coming from a node inside a subflow, it's a bit harder to track down.

that is helpfull i get thisCapture

not sure where to go from there!

It has found the node in question. Hit enter or click on it to reveal it in the editor.

In this instance its a Config node of type PCA9685. So you should report this error back to the maintainer of that node.

thanks i think, are you saying its nothing to do with my program

I thought i did try removing that node but i still got the error so am a bit puzzled

When you deploy do you see an Unused Config Nodes message? If so then click it, open the node and click Delete.

Is there any reason unused config nodes couldn't be deleted automatically? It nags at me a lot when I cut and paste flows.

Before considering a "feature request" it seems there must be a reason that such an obvious thing is not being done.

Just because they are unused it doesn't mean you doo't want them. It is useful when developing flows to be able to switch between alternative configurations whilst testing things out. It would be a pain to have to recreate the node each time.

As far as a 'nag' goes... its an extra line of text in the Deploy Succeeded notification. Nothing requires you to click on it. In the early days of Node-RED you'd get a modal dialog box telling you the same that you'd have to dismiss each time.

That explains things. I still have a few PiZeroW node-red running that put up the modal dialog -- "if it ain't broke don't fix it".

I had noticed lately that nothing bad appears to happen if I ignore the message that eventually goes away, although I've been reflexively clicking and deleting unused config nodes.

Thanks for the clarification.

I did have unused config nodes but removing them made no difference I have been trying to update all the node in node-red and am struggling

still working on it but still not sure what the original message is coming from

The error message does appear to have disappeared now I have finally manage to get all the node-red nodes updated


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