Error with 'node-red-contrib-salesforce'

I am using the Node 'node-red-contrib-salesforce and am having issues with the 'DML' node.
I am creating a msg.payload that contains what I believe to be the correct formatted data, but the resultant nod gives the error "TypeError: Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of null"

Inbound payload is

    "id": "a00Dn000003tBGyIAM",
    "Submission_Link__c": "Unexpected error in processing the request",
    "Submission_API_Return_Code__c": 500,
    "Submission_Id__c": "Dn000003tBGy",
    "Submitted_Date_Time__c": "2023-01-10T13:18:28.167Z"

Any help would be gratefully received.

Hi @inniss

A quick look on that node's GitHub repository shows an issue raised for this a couple years ago - DML node raising error: "Cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of null" · Issue #38 · Stwissel/node-red-contrib-salesforce · GitHub

Does not appear to have been resolved.

Many thanks for the swift reply, I am using this node after the sudden disappearance of alpine-code/node-red-contrib-salesforce which worked until yesterday....

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