Issue with Salesforce node

I am facing an issue in salesforce "soql" node, I have configured node with proper credentials and query but it's throwing an error "Error: Fetch failed:Bad Request".
Please help me to resolve it.

Thanks in advance

Should it be "SELECT name from contacts"?

Thanks for reply.
I have tried same, but still facing same issue "Bad Request"

You've posted the same image again.

A bad request probably means you haven't got the query right, as this is your salesforce database the chances are your company experts will know the answer more quickly than this forum.

yes, you are right. but i have used same query on salesforce developer console and it's working fine over there.
Since We don't have experts in salesforce, I have created trial salesforce developer account and created test app and trying to query salesforce standard tables.

In case anyone else has this issue.... you need to append your security token to the user password, similar to using the Dataloader.