"TypeError: Cannot create property 'records' on string


I am brand new to node-red. I am trying to get contacts from Salesforce using SOQL node. After following few sites, I finally able to create a successful connection with salesforce. However, at the end I am getting following error.

"TypeError: Cannot create property 'records' on string '{"totalSize":2,"done":true,"records":[{"attributes":{"type":"Contact","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Contact/0036g00001gn4N7AAI"},"Id":"0035t00101gn4N7AAI","Name":"kom"},{"attributes":{"type":"Contact","url":"/services/data/v45.0/sobjects/Contact/0036g00001hN6uaAAC"},"Id":"0035t00101hN6ueAAC","Name":"abc bbc"}]}'"

Can anyone help what's the reason for this error. I am attaching screen shot of my flow?

Hi, Can one of the experts look into it pls?


Without any experience dealing with

I'm quite sure, your

is triggered by the fact that what you think is a JSON <object> in essence is a <string>.
What are you injecting into the flow?

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