ESP32-C3-Super-Mini not connecting to WiFi channel > 6

Just found out by 2-hrs of frustration that the ESP32-C3-Super-Mini won't connect to any WiFi channels higher than channel 6. I'm using it to send T/H/P readings via MQTT to Node-RED.
I suspect the reason is the physical size of the ceramic antenna labelled C3 in the photo above.


There do seem to be a number of people reporting wi-fi issues -

Quick update
I did a range check with the ESP32-C3-Super-Mini by placing it in my greenhouse at the end of my garden. Line-of-sight distance from the node to the nearest access point was 25m (82 feet).

It is sat next to another PCB fitted with an ESP32-S2-Mini - with a "squiddly" antenna.

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