Ethernet Shield internet connection


I have connected my (ethernet shield+ Arduino ) directly to my home router. I am publishing "Hello world" on Node-RED.
My question is , is there a way i could connect directly my ethernet shield to my laptop (instead of router) with ethernet cable?
Will it work? how can i connect

Please help me

Maybe...try a cross over cable. Will it work? But your request begs the question: Why?

It depends on the Ethernet chips used if you can use a standard twisted pair cable or if you need a crossover cable. If the Ethernet shield uses a wiznet W5500 than you have to trust your laptops chipset because the W5500 (and the w5100) do not support auto-MDIX but only one partner needs to.

5.5.6 MDIX
W5500 does not support auto-MDIX feature.
Thus, user should use straight-through cables to connect to other switches or routers and
crossover cables to connect to devices such as servers, workstations or another W5500.
However, user can use either type of cable to connect to other devices with auto-MDIX
enabled, and the interface automatically corrects for any incorrect cabling.

Either way you have to configure both networks with fixed IP addresses on the same network segment because I do not think you have a DHCP running on your laptop.

for example (laptop) and (arduino) and as subnet mask.The segment should differ from your other networks.
Before you go and get a crossover cable (which are very rare these days) there are USB powered switches available:

I do not think you have to be afraid to simply test it with a standard cable. When the link LEDs on both sides light up you are fine. But do this on your own risk. Or you google the datasheet of your laptops LAN chip. But in my experience only switches (and routers) have crossover detection.

Or build your own cable :

Most WiFi extenders have an Ethernet socket too.