Export Flow to a Website

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I would like to ask some development advice. I ve build my dashboard working properly and with a nice fucntionality. So now i would like to export it . Ive made the export successfully.
For my purpose i would like to use it as the backbone of website in order to fuction. How is this Possible? Backend is connected to MySQL only and the rest is the same?
Can someone Provide me information about exports and build to website?

Thanks in Advance!

Surely a Node-red installation is a website?

Do you mean how to make your Node-red based dashboard accessible from the internet as opposed to just from your own network?

Good Morning dear. i would like to export the json which in term is the dashboard and import it into a website im building using vue.js

I wouldn't like to have a solution like iframe and the dashboard to be represented in the website through node red .. i want to a secure way to have the most of the fucntionallity node red provided to a website

Oh OK. I don't know how to do that

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