Exporting Docker container with settings and flows

I'm pretty new to using docker. I've just learned to start,stop remove containers.
My task is to create a docker container, add my desired flow, update settings.js file and push it to Docker Hub, so i can run it on Digital Ocean as an app without persistent storage.
I've searched for tutorials and resources, but haven't found anything useful, and still feeling kind of loss in all of this. Can somebody provide any help?

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Have a look at the Dockerfile here: GitHub - hammoaj/node-red-docker-cloudant: Dockerised Node-RED with the option of using Cloudant for filestore

This takes the standard docker image and modifies it to add extra functionality. In particular it enables you to add a starting flows.json and settings.js file.

This also deals with non-persistant storage by storing the flows in a Cloudant or CouchDB database, but you might not want that bit.

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Look at the docs for the docker commit command (but also remember to re-tag as something specific to you before you try and push)

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As a newbie i would highly recommend using Portainer to give you some visibility on the configuration, environment variables, an easy access to the shell and log files etc.



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