I'm trying to install node-red-contrib-chatbot, but in the cmd I got errors.

  • OS: Windows 10 Home, version:20H2
  • Node version: 16.0.0
  • npm version: 7.11.1

thanks for your attention.

errors: GitHub - russo-g0/Failed-to-install-node-red-contrib-chatbot

Welcome to the forum @r-g0

From the errors:
npm ERR! gyp ERR! find Python You need to install the latest version of Python

So I think you need to install python. Did you install the windows build tools as described in the docs? I think that may install python as well as other stuff you may need but I am not certain.

Also Node version 16 is not yet supported by node-red. v14 is the most recent supported version. You might have problems with 16.

For the future you can paste logs directly here. See this post for how to do it - How to share code or flow json

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