Failing in installing fileinject or base64 nodes

I'm trying to install Base64 and Fileinject node, but I have this kind of error running.
I have node v18.1.0 and npm 8.0.0 on windows.
Node-red just updated to version 2.1

Any help?

Do you have a need for the latest version of node.js or could you go back to v16?

the error is referring to msal-node - not sure which node is requiring that - but it isn't the base64 one.

No need to stick on that. Do I have to go back?

Is there anyway I can sort which is the node that is interfering?

thanks in advance for the answer

Yes, go back to node-js 16 or remove the node in question (assuming you dont need it).

Out of interest...

From inside your node-red folder/directory, what does running npm list @azure/msal-node show?

I suspect it is an MSSQL node.

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