Failure to connect tp-link Tapo P100 smart plug to node-red-contrib-tplink

Hi, I'm trying to use the node-red-contrib-tplink node to control a tp-link Tapo p100 smart plug. From my mobile app, that's fine and I can see the plug's IP, but when I try to scan the plug with tplink node, I cannot identify it, and if I enter the address manually, I get this error: "Error connecting to device Error: connect ECONNREFUSED". Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance

Have you checked the github issues for this node? Is this related? TCP Socket Closed and Connection Refused errors · Issue #46 · caseyjhol/node-red-contrib-tplink · GitHub

Thank you @Bobo . That doesn't seem to be the error I get, though. Also, there's no solution to that thread. Albeit I'll ask if the author came through with an answer...

Hi everybody, after trying several possible solutions, I changed the static IP as suggested on another forum, without result. I then noticed, however, that a new error is now thrown out: "Sorry. Your selected device is invalid!". Having just bought these new tp-link TAPO P100 plugs, I see they are managed by another software from tp-link, appropriately named "TAPO" and not "Kasa". My educate and ignorant guess at this point is that there are three solutions for me:
a) [which I don't want to go for]: but an Alexa Echo Dot, use that to see the TAPO p100 plus, and communicate with node-red
b) buy an older but tested hs100 plug (which is, BTW, way more expensive than the new TAPO p100 devices);
c) wait for someone to update the TP-Link node or come up with a TAPO-specific node.

I'm wondering though, if I'm the only one with this issue, or there are folks out there that successfully connected the TAPO p100 plugs with no fuss

Latest update and (I guess) final one: the new tp-link TAPO p100 smart plugs are not supported by the node-red-contrib-tplink node. And that's about the size of it. Bought me three tp-link hs-110 plugs and they were connected immediately. Too bad, for the TAPO plugs are much smaller. I suppose somebody smarter than me will come up with a node-red-contrib-tapo node at some point in the future. I hope so anyway

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