Failure to start Node-red on WIN10 PC

Hello, I run Node-red on WIN10 PC.
I start Node-red at Command prompt and then browse to IP.
It has been working in the past, but recently Edge started to return error message: Hmmm… can't reach this page refused to connect. is up and running, I can ping it, but cannot connect in Edge
What can be the reason for this and how to resolve? Thanks

Is the command window/powershell still open? Does it show any errors?

Note: for node-red to continue running you need to either keep the terminal (from where you launch node-red) open or run it as a service. (When you close the terminal, you kill the process).

along with the ip of the Node-red system you need to tag on the port which is usually 1880 (if browsing from the same computer)
http://<node-red-ip>:1880 (if browsing remotly)

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