Feature Request Auto-Commit

I like the newly introduced auto-commit feature since version 1.2. Really cool! Thank you very much.

It would be even more nice, if I there would be an option, that asks me on every deploy what I have changed and use that input for the commit change log.
Is this something that makes sense or is planned?

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I decided against doing that for the simple workflow as being prompted every time you hit the deploy button would soon get annoying whilst you've actively developing/testing a flow. That was the overwhelming feedback we got when I originally floated the idea of the simple workflow.

I've no doubt there will be a way to balance the two - but as yet, it hasn't presented itself.

One option, that git allows, is to amend the last commit's message. As long as you haven't pushed the commit to a remote yet, then we could build in something to support that; so you can continue clicking Deploy as much as you want, with a new commit being created each time, but when you do something note-worthy, you can amend its commit after clicking deploy.

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Thanks @knolleary I fully understand that. Thanks for sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:

Of course an alternative option could be to have two buttons:
Deploy and Deploy&CheckIn

Your idear of changing the the last commit message later (before remote push) also sounds nice. I just have to add that I guess from operation perspective this makes it easier to loose overview and find a specific commit, as you have several "Standard-Commit-Log" commits in between your "relevant" commits :wink:

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