"Project" optional user-supplied commit message

We're having a great time with the project support, which is auto-committing on deploys and pushing up to a repo on GitHub. This works very very well.

What would help a lot is if we could turn on an optional commit message dialog box to enter some information into when clicking deploy for auto-commit or an explicit commit so that we could log what had been done in the git commit history.

I appreciate we don't want to burden users unecessarily but if we are going to be able to do git commits (which is awesome) it gets a bit difficult if we can't see what is what for each of them

Hi @ajlennon - welcome to the forum. A bit easier to have these discussions here than via twitter threads :slight_smile:

This has been on the backlog for a while to address. The problem is there are a number of different desirable workflows and trying to find the right solution for them all isn't simply adding a checkbox somewhere in the UI... or maybe it is.

A typical workflow is a user deploys multiple times locally whilst developing/testing and then want to commit once they have something to share. That's what the default project mode supports - it gives you complete control over when commits happen and what they say.

The downside of that is users have to remember to commit. That's why we introduced the auto mode - but then you get the issue of what to do with the commit message. We didn't want to prompt every time the user deploys because that would get very disruptive in the typical workflow.

Am I right in saying you would like to use the auto-mode - where every deploy is committed, but to be able to sometimes override the default commit message? Or do you want to provide a custom commit message every time you deploy (but not using the default project mode that lets you do this with a few more clicks).

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Hallo! Yes Twitter is a horrendous place for pretty much anything I find...

So I don't have an answer and I don't expect every use-case is the same as my use case but what I do think that I am up to is probably not a huge outlier to what others may do.

Agree there's "lots of dev" that probably shouldn't be commited and then things probably don't change very much until the next bout of "changing things around"

I have this problem in general with git and spurious commits I make as I go along irritate me. For my sins I often reset HEAD~X on my working feature branch

I feel I want auto-commit as I don't want to take the chance an important change gets lost. I want to "know" that changes we made got committed / backed up and not have to think about it

This of course leads to the commit message business. I have used the git hooks that force you to enter a commit message and actually I think I can live with them. For me I think a checkbox to make it a requirement to enter a message in a pop up box on every commit would be a good thing for me...

Just my 5c!

[Edit: OR - a thought occurs - NodeRed could auto generate some information about what nodes changed and so forth for the default message which could then be changed by the committer - cor that would be CLEVER! :wink: ]

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