[Feature Request]Put deploy at top of right-click menu

It would save a LOT of wrist movement :slight_smile:

So would increasing your mouse sensitivity.

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I just work with the tools that Mr Gates supplies out of the box :slight_smile:

Wow, you might want to update - Bill left his MS CEO position 23 years ago!


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There's nothing wrong with Win98SE!


I'm posh - I use a trackpad (A Magic one mind you :joy: )

I divorced windows many many years ago, but still have a soft spot for the old DOS kernels

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Lets not get started on Apple bashing (hmm, does apple bashing = cider? There's a thought!) or why Apple UK keyboard layouts are non-standard.

Or Windows bashing or Linux bashing. I could certainly wax lyrical all day about them all. :grinning:


"Linux bashing"... meaning: using the shell? :rofl: Sorry, coudn't resist...


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