[FeatureRequest] Node-RED on Mastodon

Can you add a Node-RED account to a mastodon instance and cross-post the tweets across there please so those of us who are leaving can still get updates

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Have I missed something?

OK, I thought @cymplecy meant some were leaving here. I don't use Twitter anyway so I don't have to leave :slight_smile:

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I suspect @cymplecy refers to those who are leaving the new, improved Twitter. I've never had an account, so I didn't know what I've been missing.

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NodeRED auto publish updates on nodes (and other info) via twitter which I find quite useful


I'd like to see these being cross-posted to a Mastodon account that we can follow on there

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Looking forward to watch again the photos of all the pubs on your bicycle trips, but next summer on Mastodon :wink:

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But you'll need to set up account over on it first :slight_smile:

FYI I'm @cymplecy@fosstodon.org

I didn't know that, I can see that being useful. I would set up a mastodon acct for that I think.

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Seemed that yesterday a lot of Twitters users were facing a dilemma:

  1. Should I remove my account immediately.
  2. Should I send a tweet that I am leaving, before I remove my account.

I have chosen the first option :wink:

Need to create my Mastodon account tonight, when back at home.

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There's a reason I am still on Twitter - actually several but this is one:




Was there a particular reason for choosing that one?

I signed up for the tehcnology one a while ago but it's closing down

I use FOSS a lot and others that I knew were already on it

Cool, thanks. Just tried to sign up but haven't yet received the confirmation email.

Mine took about 10 mins to arrive. In fact a Welcome one arrived before the confirmation one, which was a bit confusing.

Yes, got it in about that time. I've also signed up to another server under my actual name rather than the TotallyInformation moniker I'll use on fosstodon.org. Assuming they accept me, I'll then have @totallyinformation@fosstodon.org and @julianknight@mastodon.org.uk

Something new to play with if nothing else.

I'm interested in seeing if Mastodon might be useful as a bot platform as well.


Nah! I'm sticking with twitter for the time being.
Besides, I'd miss using tweetdeck!


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I'll not be ditching Twitter completely, still far too much useful info and people. But I'd looked at Mastodon and diaspora previously and decided they were too complex with too few people on there. But now with such growth and a whole bunch of other tools appearing on the "fediverse", seems like a good time to at least get online.

Interestingly, NextCloud are about to introduce a fediverse compatible social networking tool. Might be of interest since you can run your own server (which you can for mastodon as well of course). But things like PeerTube and Pixelfed are also interesting.

If you enable advanced mode in the mastodon web ui you get multiple columns very much like tweetdeck...

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