Feedback wanted on a next-generation platform for creating Artificial Intelligence solutions using Node-RED - and get rewarded!

Veritone Automate Studio is a low-code tool that allows you to design AI/ML-based solutions across almost any category - Speech, Vision, NLP, and others - with no prior AI/ML knowledge, and deploy them at scale with no prior DevOps knowledge. It takes hours, not weeks.

Veritone is launching Automate Studio and looking for individuals with Node-Red experience - beginners or experts - to test out the user flow. This would involve spending ~1 hour to work through a few predefined tasks, with a product manager observing how easy or difficult it is to complete the tasks. Or, you can take home a task, and write up short feedback on how easy or difficult it was to complete it.

We are offering a $100 Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation for your time. The test would take place within the next couple of weeks (second half of Nov) - please reach out if interested:, or fill out this form:

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Just to add to this - I've had a preview of what they have been doing, and it's definitely worth a look if you're interested.


Well I clicked on your link and got this:

Apologies, the form was not public.
Here is the link: (edited in the main post too).
Really appreciate you drawing my attention!

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You charge $250 per hour for "your" professional service. You value one hour of our effort to a $100 voucher at Amazon...

No thanks,

Except he isn't asking for professional services from the group here is he? It's not all about the money surely.

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