Pangeanic - machine translation company

Hello everyone! :wave:

I’m Alex and as the R&D of machine translation products at Pangeanic, I thought you might find what we’ve been working on with [Deep Adaptive Machine Translation] as interesting for this community.

We started building self-learning apps in 2009 (!) but it's just been since 2017 that we focused on AI language solutions for government and industry. Basing our solutions in deep neural networks, building logic around solid ML/DL can become a challenge is looking for industrial/enterprise-ready grade.

Like the rest of us here, we started experimenting and found that Node-RED is fantastic for easily deploying working solutions very quickly. With this in mind, Node-RED is partly the underlying authoring technology for our latest product, ECO, which makes it really easy to add parallel text material to workflows and re-train deep neural networks without no previous AI/ML experience.

This is why as part of our effort to give back to the community, we’re extending an invitation to sign up as an ECO v2 early adopter . The first 100 sign-ups who add parallel language data in a set of languages will create a deeply adapted machine translation and receive a bunch of cool stuff...

  • Free access to ECO and all Deep Adaptive Machine Translation cognitive and anonymization engines for 30 days (up to $1,000 value).
  • Free “VIP” access to the Pangeanic support team for 30 days.

We'll be excited to see you train and customize engines with parallel data to mimic your style and terminology in other languages, or anonymize /redact content, and of course to hear your thoughts!


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