Fetching data from a url includes errors

I am able to view weather station data via my LAN using , which returns, eg
{"data":{"did":"001D0A712D46","ts":1612953797,"conditions":[{"lsid":352807,"data_structure_type":1,"txid":1,"temp": 32.2,"hum":83.6,"dew_point": 27.8,"wet_bulb": 30.4,"heat_index": 32.2,"wind_chill": 32.1,"thw_index": 32.1,<<<SNIP>>>

It could be due to a timing issue (ie how often the url updates and how often my Timestamp calls), but whilst I do get what I want every now and again, I also see lots of errors as well.

The "Error: socket hang up" comes from the http request node

Whilst the "TypeError: Cannot read property 'conditions' of undefined" comes from the function node

How can I sync the timings better? Or is there a different cause to what I have thought?


Well you are rather hammering what is probably a small embedded device that may not be the best web server in the world. Maybe try slowing down the requests - after all how quickly does the weather change in your area ?

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I was "hammering" it during set up only, but will slow it down to see if it makes any difference to the errors