Not able to get data from

Hi, new user here. Still making my way through the tuts.

I need to get the Barometric data from one of the following sites.

what I get when I try the HTML css node.

Not sure about the xml node yet.

I have managed to get the HTML to work on a HTTP site, collecting the date and time.

Could my trouble be from the site being HTTPS?

You are getting a 403 - The server is refusing the request.
I get the same thing which leads me to believe that the server isn't letting bots access. I would guess that the server is determining that this isn't coming from a browser and so it shuts it out.

Figuring out away around that is beyoud me though :woozy_face: but someone else may have an tide of how to do it.

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You might be able to spoof the user-agent of something like firefox.

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Makes sense they would block bots.

I will look into the spoofing.

Tried a different site.

Now to figure out how to get just what I want out of that string.
the A2983 is what I'm after.

You may be able to break it into parts using a split node and using the space as your delimiter. You can then filter using a switch node to only pass that particular

First I am trying to get just Payload 3. But I don't know the proper input yet for that!

If you hover over the message part that you want to filter you can get its address by hovering over that part and clicking the "copy path" button I circled in the screenshot. You can then use the change and switch nodes to play with it.


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I knew about the copy path but didn't know where to put it!

Using the change node got me to where I wanted! Thanks!