File Browser in Dashboard problem

I've installed and configured "File Browser in Dashboard" made by "nygma2004"

It's all OK and is a very nice FLOW. Many compliments...

I've only a little problem on column CREATED and CHANGED.
In CREATED column I see every file with date 1970-01-01 00:00:00
In CHANGED column I see every file with the right date but with time one hour back
I think that the problem is in the "Function Node" called "Convert timestamps", but I've try to open it and the only think that I'm doing reading inside is put my hand in my hear and cry :-)). Is too difficult for my skills.

If someone can help me I will appreciate.


I've restricted the problems fields. The problem, probably is in "fs-file-lister - node-red-contrib-fs".
I also add to discourse, that I work on a directory that is in a NAS and I mount it via NFS. Could be this the problem?

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