Filter the Flows tree (Info panel) for "pinned" nodes

As NR user I want filter the Flows view (Info tab) for “pinned” nodes so that I it is easier to navigate/jump to a strategic location in flow marked by a “pinned” node.

Currently the Flows tree on the Info tab lists all nodes of the respective tab based on the creation/insert order. For more crowded flows this makes it hard to navigate to strategic locations in the flow. The “Grouping” option could come in handy and reduces the entries in the view. But working with grouped nodes feels less efficient at design time as it requires extra clicks to access the nodes in the group.

Marking nodes as “pinned” could help filtering information in the Flows tree. An filter option could be added to the Search drop down to show “pinned” nodes (is:pinned). To pin a node a new toggle needs to be introduced (for example at the bottom of the node Properties dialog).


The flow example above basically contains two flows/processes. For each a Comment node was added to state the purpose of that flow. The Flows list in the Info panel shows all nodes on the tab making it hard to use that to jump the start of the respective flows in case the Flows tab is not in view.

The user could mark the Comment nodes as pinned (or alternatively the nodes that trigger the flow, in this case the “folder capture” node).

Filtering the nodes in the Flows tree for pinned nodes shows nodes that identify the start location of these flows. Clicking the Find icon would open the respective flow and bring the respective node into view.