First third-party widget published for Dashboard 2.0 (ui-webcam)

I just wanted to do a shout out and public "Thank You" to @sumitshinde-84 who is officially the publisher and developer of the first third-party widget for Dashboard 2.0 - ui-webcam!

It's available now in the Node-RED Catalog: node-red-dashboard-2-ui-webcam (node) - Node-RED

@sumitshinde-84 has lead the way in publishing this widget, and offered great feedback for the Example Project I published (which has been improved and updated) in the hope that many more third-party widgets follow.


Hi @joepavitt , huge thanks for the shoutout! I'm glad to be a part of Dashboard 2.0 with the ui-webcam widget. Appreciate your support and looking forward to more exciting developments!


It is working well for me, thanks for providing this.

I did find that I had to restart node-red in order for the widget to appear on the page. Is that expected?

It wasnt necessarily, but knowing the method by which Dashboard 2.0 finds out about the third party widgets (via Node-RED's package json) I can understand why that might be a requirement.

I have a chat with Nick on Wednesday, so will mention this then and see of we can make it either (a) not required, or (b) more obvious to user its required.

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