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By using the example inside "Import" i tried to run the Hello-world example for flexdash.
But when i tried to deploy ther project i alway get the error : "The workspace contains some unknown node types:* flexdash tab* flexdash container "

i think than it link to the fact than i cannot install the lib @flexdash/node-red-fd-testnodes,each time i got error " Failed to install: @flexdash/node-red-fd-testnodes Install failed "
ANy idea or issue please?

I gather you installed @flexdash/node-red-fd-corewidgets using the palette manager. You need to restart node-red after that because it doesn't install dependencies (a bug).

Thanks tve for reply.
unfortunatly, i have did it several time to restart but always errors:
Failed to install: @flexdash/node-red-fd-testnodes
"Install failed Check the log for more information"

Event Log:

2023-03-03T08:40:19.532Z Install : @flexdash/node-red-fd-testnodes 0.0.6

2023-03-03T08:41:04.205Z Install : @flexdash/node-red-fd-testnodes 0.0.6

2023-03-03T08:41:10.004Z [out]
2023-03-03T08:41:10.004Z [out] up to date in 4s
2023-03-03T08:41:10.022Z rc=0

2023-03-03T09:37:29.990Z Install : @flexdash/node-red-fd-testnodes 0.0.6

2023-03-03T09:37:30.300Z npm.cmd install --no-audit --no-update-notifier --no-fund --save --save-prefix=~ --production --engine-strict @flexdash/node-red-fd-testnodes@0.0.6
2023-03-03T09:37:32.307Z [err] npm
2023-03-03T09:37:32.307Z [err] WARN config production Use --omit=dev instead.
2023-03-03T09:37:35.582Z [out]
2023-03-03T09:37:35.582Z [out] up to date in 3s
2023-03-03T09:37:35.601Z rc=0

Is there a reason why you are trying to install the testnodes?

Because i tried to import from examples clipboard inside @flexdash/node-red-fd-corewidgets the example Hello world and each time i got error :slight_smile: " The workspace contains some unknown node types:

  • flexdash tab
  • flexdash container
  • fd-date-time"
    i supposed than the lib was necessary to be install.

Need to use it because i would like to get some responsive screens dashboards

No. If you are new to flexdash, IMO I would leave the testnodes well alone.
I haven't installed them, and I've got 4 great responsive dashboards :wink:

And what was you issues to get these 4 responsives DB?

A learning curve :sweat_smile:
But once I jumped in and got my hands dirty, it became much easier.
I suppose it's the same with all dashboards when you first start using them.

Yes it is :smiley:

thanks for answers

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