FlexDash Socket.io

I'm having some issues with getting FlexDash setup with Socket.io. I have flexdash setup and install, the start.html file created and in flexdash-src directory and I'm receiving the below error.

Any ideas or additional info I can provide to help troubleshoot?
I'm relatively new to node-red but making quick progress.

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@tve - Thorston, for info


@ryanprel I would recommend holding off on trying out FlexDash. I have a complete overhaul in the works that should be ready for initial testing in 1-2 weeks. It completely changes the way it integrates with Node-RED, so anything you do now will be obsolete.

WRT your problem at hand, the node-red log may have some errors, but also the browser's console. Unfortunately the websockets underlying socket.io don't provide decent error feedback. BTW, you have HTTPS checked: do you actually have Node-RED running with HTTPS?

@Paul-Reed thanks for the ping!

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Thanks for the feedback on the issue - I'll just hold off on building that out and work on other stuff for now. I don't have https setup so good catch. Disabling https didn't make any difference for my setup. Since I don't have anything configured yet, would you recommend just removing all of FlexDash and install everything from scratch for your new update? @tve

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Yes, removing it all is the best thing. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your interest!

Thanks for putting so much work into this!

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