Flow library being hammered?

I am only bringing this is up, as it caused a few performance issues last time.

But I have been seeing this all day, up until the last 1 hour?
seems like an automated run - it goes for a few pages

Mmm... maybe not? - it seems to be spread over the last few day(s).

I note that though the @softwaredevelopment nodes purport to have github repos, the links do not work (on some of them at least).

The Scorecard tests don't appear to check for that.

@knolleary, @Steve-Mcl ?

Bodhi | Building Intelligence

Yeah noted that also! all private repos, yet stated in package.jsonas such.

I don't see anything wrong here. They have published a bunch of nodes to the library. The fact they are closed-source is their choice - we don't require modules to be open-source to be listed on the library.

We did originally look at getting the scorecard to validate the github repo - but it proved a more complex task so we backed off. In this instance, checking it doesn't 404 would be sufficient. It gets harder to answer the question when it doesn't 404 - assessing whether the url points to a git repository (across multiple hosted git providers), and whether that git repo contains the code for the node in question. There are examples of git repos (node-red-nodes for example) that are monorepos that contain multiple nodes... and so on. Plenty of edge cases that could give an incorrect result with the scorecard.

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