⚠ Flow Library down for maintenance - Friday 13th November 9am GMT

The Flow Library is in the process of moving to new hosting.

Whilst I've managed to do most of the work in the background, the final step is to migrate the database. This is going to require some downtime.

I will be putting the site into maintenance mode tomorrow morning at 9am GMT. I hope the migration should take less than an hour, but until it starts, I can't be sure.

I've added a notice to the top of the page - which, DNS updates allowing - you should now see.

For more background information about the migration, the details are here: https://github.com/node-red/flow-library/issues/36

Any questions, just ask.


Hi @Achronite

the automatic scanning for updates was turned off earlier this year due to ongoing unreliability of the npm search index.

You need to manually refresh your node - login using the github link on the flow library page, then click the 'check for update' in the sidebar.

Yes - I just saw that thanks. I think you replied as I hit delete on my post :laughing:

Is that an auspicious day for site maintenance? :slightly_smiling_face:


The migration has completed and the site is back up.


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