Flow optimisation - kind of - which way is better?

Maybe along the same vein as a recent question about MQTT nodes and the best way to do something.

I am getting these weird messages - again. :frowning:
Daily at about 05:00.

The only thing that happens at that time is the machine's check how full their USB stick is.

This is done/triggered by a signal that happens at mid-night and a 5 hour delay.

So my question is this:

Is it better to have a simple NEW DAY signal that a lot of things use and for this routine, add a 5 hour delay.


Just have a node (be it inject or cronplus) that makes a message at 05:00 daily?

If your device restarts anywhere between 00:00:01 → 04:59:59 your 5hr delay will not be triggered.

Better off using a schedule for 5am (be that an inject, cronplus or other)


I'll go and apply it now.

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