Flow returns blank line between readings

I have a simple flow which receives the temperature readings of an Arduino in the form of T1=20.55. The Arduino is coded as such in order to print the value:
Serial.println("T1=" + (String)temp1);

Now I have noticed that my flow prints in the debug console the following
T1=20.55 followed by the enter character, which I understood it represents the new line from the Arduino command Serial.println.

After some tests trying to log the data in a csv file, I have noticed that my flow inserts a blank line between my readings, for example:



I need help trying to figure out what can be done in order to get rid of those blank lines between the readings. Thank you!

You will find a solution here

you could change the output of the Arduino code to
Serial.println("{\"T1\": " + (String)temp1 + "}"); to output an json string.

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