Хочу анимированные Flow - Want Animated Flow

Как в Total.js

Welcome to the forum,
personally, if the editor window did that it would really annoy me. Why do you think it would be useful?

Чтобы понять где есть задержка и какая последовательность.
Возможно ли это сделать опционально, выключив в настройках?

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To understand where there is a delay and what is the sequence.
Is it possible to do this optionally by turning it off in the settings?

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There is nothing in the settings that will create animation in the flows.

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Конечно же нет. Я и предлагаю это сделать.
То есть
1.Анимацию движения потока - откуда и куда
2.Настройку, которая позволяла бы включать и отключать эту анимацию в редакторе
Of course not. I propose to do so.
That is

  1. Animation of the flow movement - from where and to where
  2. A setting that would allow you to enable and disable this animation in the editor

So are you proposing this as a change to the editor and that you are willing to change the core software to do it?
Or you asking for this to be add as a new optionas a feature request?

Да, я прошу сделать как новую функцию:
-анимацию движения потока
-включение / отключение этой анимации

Так будет видно, куда поток пошёл. Вот как это в Total.js
смотрите « Real-time traffic indicator»
Yes, I am asking you to make as a new feature:

  • animation of the flow movement
  • enable / disable this animation

So you can see where the flow went. Here's how it is in Total.js
see " Real-time traffic indicator»

Hi @AndrewEvMailRu

this feature has been discussed before on the forum.

This is not something we want to add to the core because of performance overhead.

However, we are working on a flow debugger utility and this could be an option for the debugger when you have it installed and enabled.

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Hi @knolleary,
Just out of curiosity, to get a bit more grip on best practises for Node-RED plugins. Because I haven't developed a single plugin yet ...

I had expected that such a visual animation feature "might" become available in the future as a separate plugin for the flow editor. For example a node-red-contrib-plugin-animated-wires, which offers only a single feature: animating wires when messages run through those wires.

Perhaps that is not possible at the moment? Or are there any advantages to integrate such a feature into the flow debugger? Because it seems to me that users like Andrew might want to have such animations all the time, not only during debugging...

Moreover when developing a separate plugin, contributors might be able to clone your plugin code, modify it a bit and publish a new plugin. For example a plugin that shows a thicker wire when more messages have been running through it in some time interval. Perhaps a ridicilous example, but you know what I mean... Otherwise we would have to start adding pull requests for the flow editor, which might be rejected :wink: Users that get epileptic seizures from this kind of plugins, will simply not install them ...

[EDIT] Perhaps a disadvantage of separate plugins: if multiple plugins are installed, conflicts might arise. For example one plugin wants to show a thin wire with circle traversing along them, while the other plugin wants to show a thick wire. But again I don't know enough about plugins to determine if such situations could occur in real live...


Достойный ответ!
Пусть будет плагин - это даже лучше. Сначала опробуем на плагине потом будем просить включить в основную сборку.
А будут конфликты - будут и решения.
A worthy answer!
Let it be a plugin-it's even better. First, we will try it on the plugin, then we will ask you to include it in the main build.
And if there are conflicts, there will be solutions.

There is no plugin at the moment. I was only asking Nick some background information, because I have no clue at all whether this is possible. It is very likely that this kind of stuff is not configurable with plugins. I have no knowledge about the possibilities of plugins, so unfortunately I cannot provide you decent information...

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