Flowfuse/node-red-dashboard removed all other nodes

I installed, "flowfuse/node-red-dashboard". The install went well, but, the pallet manager shows all other nodes were removed.

Is this expected?

I can reinstall all of the nodes, but this does not seem right.

Running Node Red v3.0.2


Start node red in a command window and post the startup log please. That may provide a clue about the problem.


Here is the start-up log:

Last login: Sat Jul  6 09:23:57 on ttys001
alanblind@Alans-MacBook-Pro-Max ~ % node-red
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [info] 

Welcome to Node-RED

6 Jul 10:08:10 - [info] Node-RED version: v3.0.2
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [info] Node.js  version: v18.17.0
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [info] Darwin 23.6.0 arm64 LE
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [info] Loading palette nodes
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [info] Settings file  : /Users/alanblind/.node-red/settings.js
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [info] Context store  : 'default' [module=memory]
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [info] User directory : /Users/alanblind/.node-red
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [info] Projects directory: /Users/alanblind/.node-red/projects
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [error] Uncaught Exception:
6 Jul 10:08:10 - [error] Error: listen EADDRINUSE: address already in use
    at Server.setupListenHandle [as _listen2] (node:net:1751:16)
    at listenInCluster (node:net:1799:12)
    at doListen (node:net:1948:7)
    at process.processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:83:21)
alanblind@Alans-MacBook-Pro-Max ~ % 

That is showing that you still have another version of Node-RED running. You may need to kill it manually first.


You may be correct....multiple Node-Red instances.....I am running Node-Red on my Mac. I have seen different sets of tabs, from time to time, when I start NR from the terminal.

So, Colin, it appears this is not a FlowForge issue. Thanks for your quick response.

How can I find the instances and remove the unwanted instance?

Or how to remove all instances and reload NR?


Does node red auto run on boot? If so how did you set that up?


No, to my knowledge, I did not setup NR as a service....unless the install script (sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm node-red) did so.

I do know, NR is not available when I reboot, but rather after I start NR from the terminal.


The log you posted earlier showed that node red was already running. Port in use.