Flows file name not set, generating name using hostname

Did you use the suggested command? The line before the Windows prompt?

What do you need help with, all I see is a screenshot without any context?

A warning is not an error. My startup says the same thing, and everything works fine for me. Is Node-Red not working for you?

Node red is not working with me

Your screenshot shows differently.

Perhaps expand upon your parroted statement "not working for me" with details.

How have you tried accessing your node-red web page? (HINT use the URL the server is now running at).

it used to work without any issue, but unexpected update for my win10, after that it shows me this error

Again, a warning is not an error, I have the same one on my system (running on RPi).

Not that I clearly understand the warning :blush: but it doesn't appear to affect operation.

Perhaps you have some other issue with a flow?

Try starting in safe mode node-red —safe

When you say it was working do you mean you had a working flow. And now it is blank ?
Maybe the pc changed hostname or got a new hostname via dhcp. The warning message means that it couldn’t find its existing flow file so created a new one with that name, which would then be blank. If you did have a previous one it should still be there in your user directory as flows_(something).json or indeed a backup.

It works thank u a lot :heart_eyes:

@dceejay The OP issue is apparently resolved, but your comment left me questioning this...

(node:22160) Warning: Setting the NODE_TLS_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED environment variable to '0' makes TLS connections and HTTPS requests insecure by disabling certificate verification.

Is that what this warning actually means?? (Googling it seems unclear, but marks it as irrelevant) I am unaware of any missing or failed flows in my setup but I get the same message. I am fairly sure I have always seen it since day one with Node-Red.

And attempting to run any node --trace-warnings just seemed to drop me into a node.js editor...

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ node --trace-warnings
Welcome to Node.js v14.17.2.
Type ".help" for more information.

Sorry - I was referring to the no flow file set warning.
I can’t recall which extra node sets that other flag to prompt that warning. Maybe the xmpp one ?

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Ah, got it... now ... it was hard to tell the exact issue from a single screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

Indeed, likewise, tricky to tell.

After using node red in safe mode some flows stoped and it says that i am not able to connect to the server .
Any help?

"some flows stoped"
Which flows stopped? How do you know? Are there flows which have not stopped?

"it says that i am not able to connect to the server"
What says you cannot connect? Is there an error message? Precisely what does it say?

Hi @rajhi
I've changed the topic name from I need help to Flows file name not set, generating name using hostname so users will be able to find this in the future by searching the forum, if they have the same problem.


flows stopped to connect to the server

Don't worry, that is the message that you will get when you start node-RED in safe mode.
Once you start node-RED normally, the message will be gone.

when i start using nod-red normally , i can not connect to the

When you start node-RED normally, can you copy & paste the log here (no screenshot)