Flows.nodered.org lists node's older version instead of latest


Recently node-red-contrib-norelite has been updated to version 2.6.1 (2.6.0 was published 2 days ago):


npmjs also seem to be updated:

But flows.nodered.org shows it as version 2.5.0:


What could be the problem?

The problem is the npm search index is out of sync.

If you search for the node, the search result shows this:

But when you click through to the modules own page, it shows 2.6.1.

The flow library uses the search results to find modules with the node-red keyword. It uses the information in those results to determine if the module needs updating or not. If the search result shows an old version, then we don't do anything.

I suggest you raise this with npm - we've seen a few individual instances of the search index being out of sync recently.

Thanks @knolleary!

I’ve raised a ticket with npm’s suport.

Will it be possible for the flow library to perform an extra step to avoid npm search cache: after finding a module via npm search, query the module itself and take the version from there? I suppose it can be done via npm api? If possible it will make install / update process more robust.

I specifically want to avoid doing that, as it would mean checking every single module as an individual request. As it stands, that would be close to 1500 requests every time we wanted to check for updates.

That makes sense :slight_smile:

I'd contacted NPM support - the issue is being investigated: Search results not populating properly.