Flows not loading through Zero Tier

Here is a new one.
I have Zero Tier running to connect to my Node-red setup remotely. It was working fine but I had to clear my cache in Chrome and now node-red does not load the flows. If I connect to node-red on the local network all is working well so I am not sure why it will now have a problem loading the flow's. This is what the screen looks like on the remote Pc.
HAs any one else had this issue before?

Have you checked the browser console for any errors?


I user Zerotier all the time from my phone, tablet and Laptop and am using the Latest NR in my Dev system and version 1.01 in Live and have not experienced any issues


The only error that I have seen is
"he AudioContext was not allowed to start. It must be resumed (or created) after a user gesture on the page"

But that also show on the local lan from time to time.
What bugs me is that that everything was working fine until I did re cash reset I also get the same result running on Firefox.

It looks like the connection want to reset/time out
I get this in the console if I leave it for a while.
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET

It seems like it is a Timeout problem , I am not sure how to share the text part from Chrome Console so here is a screenshot of showing that the Flows halts on loading. Any Ideas?

Do you have a decent internet connection ? Remembering that if it is an assymetric connection then it will be a lot slower up than down


Thats the thing , I am not sure.
Both connections are quite good , DOWNLOAD Mbps 35.26 UPLOAD Mbps 16.44
and DOWNLOAD Mbps 25.00 UPLOAD Mbps 7.35
Respectively so it should be ok , unless I have a setting wrong. I am also running Team viewer and there I have no problems.

Well you should be OK with those numbers

I have just been out on the road most of today (i leave ZT on my phone connected all the time) - i am on Optus 4G

I checked my dashboard at least 5 or so times during the day and did not have any issues at all. So i am not sure this is the issue.

I do note there were some changes in the latest version of NR that Nick noted when it was released that do seem to lead to longer start times - but not sure how that would translate to a timeout.


actually - hang on - are you in Australia ? Those numbers you quoted look very much like NBN plan speeds ?

Have you asked your NBN provider to turn off CG-NAT ?

I had a number of weird problems when we initially went to NBN (networking in general) - took a while to track them down until i found out about CG-NAT being on by default on all NBN connections ?


Nope , I'm in South Africa, but I suspect that you could be right. The remote connection is Vodacom and there is no chance that I will be able to request or check with them if CG-NAT is on or off.
Is there a way that I might be able to exstend the load time out?

thats out of my area of expertise - probably Nick or one of the other leaders could comment


Thanks for the help Craig , at least I have a fair idea what to look for

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