Flows stopped due to missing node types. BLE Beacon Scanner

Greetings! I need help as I am new to this. When I try to use the BLE Beacon Scanner It did not work and have the message " Flows stopped due to missing node types. BLE Beacon Scanner"

Here's the log when I open the Node-Red

29 Jun 08:39:33 - [info] Waiting for missing types to be registered:
29 Jun 08:39:33 - [info] - BLE Beacon Scanner



I would suggest this means you need to install that node.

That is done by going to the top right of the Node-red window and clicking on the Menu button (the 3 burger lines) and look for manage palette.

From there open the install tab. (The second one) and type BLE beacon scanner and see if you get a list.

From there you will select the one needed, click INSTALL and ..... All should be ok - after you DEPLOY that is.

Thanks for your quick reply. I have done that installation part already and when I deploy the message "Flows Stopped due to missing node types" But did not specify what node type is missing.

Look at the flow and any nodes that are missing would show as dotted rather than normal.

Yes, the flow is dotted already but installed. What should I do?

Screen shot please.

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 10.10.09 AM

So if you have installed the node BLE Beacon Scanner and it is still like that, it is the wrong node.

Oh, you did press DEPLOY after you installed the node - yes?

Another last minute thought:
If you got the flow from else where:
Delete the flow.

DEPLOY the flow with the node now installed.

Re-import the flow and see what happens.

You may also try either rebooting that machine, or opening a CLI (terminal) and:

cd .node-red

And see what that does.

Yes I pressed deploy.

ok I will reboot and restart node-red now

Try the first part first though.

Delete the flow, deploy and re-import it.

I deleted the flow and now it also disappeared from the left panel so I can't re insert it.


The "flow" is a bunch of nodes, rather than a single node.

The node should still be visible on the left side (the palette). You weren't to uninstall it.

So you are making a flow or did you find it and import it?
I am at a loss how you got into the situation you describe if you didn't import the flow.

I did not uninstall, I only delete the flow. But it is not on the left pallete anymore.

You are getting a bit too cropped with your screen shots.

How about a FULL screen?

I can't magically extrapolate on what that is showing me - other than there is a problem.

The entire screen please.
(And no fancy zooming so I can't see bits.)

Ok, click where the red arrow is pointing.

What do you see?

(You can crop this time)

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 10.29.01 AM


Sorry. Beyond my skill set.

I was hoping that by doing that it would show something interesting.
Alas it hasn't.

I hope someone else will come in here and be able to help you. I am out of options.