FR: Search field should remember last input

Currently, one has to reenter the search criteria each time the search field is opened.

A better approach would be, that the search field remembers the last input and shows it when activated. The text should be already selected, so that a new input immediately overwrites the old one.

Maybe changing the text field to a combo box with the last x used search criteria would also be interesting?

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Further to this, I would also like the search dialog to be a modeless window - generally when I search there are multiple hits, and every time I click on a result, the window closes. When that's not the right one I have to search again and remember which one I'm up to.

Or alternatively, move the "Search Flows" concept to be another tab along with "Node Information", "Debug Messages", etc. The keyboard shortcut would then select this tab and focus the search input.

This would obviously be much less trivial to implement that the OP suggestion.

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Sounds like a good idea!