Frequency setting of the IBM Iot input

I am trying to make a node-red project based on the cloud. That I am using a sensorTag sensor and can adjust the frequency at which data is sent. But in node-red, the frequency of the input data is only 1Hz, I would like to ask if this can be adjusted. Is it set in node-red or set in IBM cloud?

Hi @kradl

could you share some more details on what you are doing? It sounds like you have a SensorTag connected to a Node-RED flow that is publishing the data to the IBM Cloud.

Can you share that flow? Any rate limiting of messages will be either in the SensorTag node or part of the flow you have.

Thanks for reply.
I think that the sensorTag sends the messages to the IBM cloud, and I open the node-red based on the cloud. The simple flow is shown.
As the input node, the IBM IoT can't change the rate. And I just use the function node to get the data of light as the snip.
I have already changed the sensor period to 100ms in sensorTag, but the data get in node-red is still every 1 second.
So i want to know is there a way to change the frequency of the data i get in the node-red?