I would like to know if Node-RED installed on the IoT gateway can continuously receive data from the Watson IoT Platform

I'm a newbie to node-red so please bear with me if I'm asking stupid questions.

I was able to confirm that I received data by debugging.
But when I switch on the "IoT gateway" again, I can't receive any data.

I used "ibmiot in node" in .

・ After turning the power off and then on again, I cannot receive data.

・ Image of error message:

・ I don't receive data, but Connected remains visible at the bottom right of the Node.

・ When I executed "deploy", "Disconnected" turned on for a moment. Immediately it changed to "Connected" and received the data.

I don't know if this condition is normal or an error.

I want to know if "ibmiot in node" can continue to receive data even when the power is turned on and off.

I would greatly appreciate if you could answer to my question.


P.S. I'm sorry for the poor writing.
I'm not good at English, so if you know Japanese forums, Could you tell me know.

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