Connected to Watson IOT but no data

Has anyone seen instances of Watson IOT that can't be connected to by Node-Red?

  1. We have one system that is working fine. Using API Key to connect Node-Red to the Watson IOT platform.
  2. Our second system we deployed has the same setup. It says Connected but does not recieve any data from our device in the Platform.

We are using contrib: node-red-contrib-scx-ibmiotapp
ibmiot in is the node used in both to connect.
The ibmiot in node in the second setup does say Connected.

We have tried generating a new API Key in Watson IOT to see if that is the issue, but no luck.

here is the ibmiot in node from that is connecting... but not getting data:

'''[{"id":"7e864e8.b6c65b","type":"ibmiot in","z":"93213e2b.29bf8","authentication":"apiKey","apiKey":"93aace57.b9321","inputType":"evt","logicalInterface":"","ruleId":"","deviceId":"Device100","applicationId":"","deviceType":"+","eventType":"+","commandType":"","format":"json","name":"WatsonIOT","service":"registered","allDevices":"","allApplications":"","allDeviceTypes":true,"allLogicalInterfaces":"","allEvents":true,"allCommands":"","allFormats":"","qos":0,"x":70,"y":240,"wires":[["919a037d.36327","10b79b34.3ebe95","b15d3790.783228","988316a0.f94bf8"]]},{"id":"93aace57.b9321","type":"ibmiot","z":"","name":" WatsonCloudSink","keepalive":"60","serverName":"","cleansession":true,"appId":"","shared":true}]'''