From node red to button in HA Lovelace

I am very new at HA and node red
and could really use a little help after trying countless possibilities and searching the web ,
I would like to end up with a wall tablet to control my aircon in terms of degrees and through IFTTT, but lack help to make it work in lovelace.
I can only get a power switch off that does not work other than it shows switched on and off,
it works fine inside node red but how do i get a button in HA that says 22 degrees and activates IFTTT to send command to my Broadlink devices .

I can see that I choose nodes from the Ha group they show up in Ha entreties as node, but I can't make any of them behave like a trigger button that send a signal to my brodlink devices, as it does now in the attached image when i am inside node red space.
thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english

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