FS File Lister only works if exact filename in pattern

If I use the pattern "asterisk.asterisk" I get no results. If I put in the exact filename I get a result.

Tried with FS-OPS filter "*" and I get all files and folders found but I can't use that node as it doesn't return the whole file path.
No Result:


Honestly, I think I need to retire that node. It hasn't been updated in ages and there are some known issues. I'd always intended to expand on it and create a small suite of utility nodes but I'm afraid that uibuilder kinda took over my available development time!

So I wouldn't recommend using it now.

Because the function node now supports npm modules, I would recommend using fast-glob if you want to get a list of files into a msg.

So I accidentally grabbed the beta version of readdirp. Installed 3.3.0 and all is well.
Thanks for your quick response. FS lives on!

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