Fs-ops-access node output formats

HI Team
Can someone please help me here to understand the output format of fs-ops-access(a node used to check the file existence and access) Node under node-red-contrib-fs-ops.

I am trying to build a sample flow with 2 params given like folder path and file name mentioned below
and once I trigger, I am getting the output as a time stamp.
How will I get to know whether the file is existing and accessible using this node ?
or is there any other approach to check the file size existence in a local system using node-red?

Change your debug node to show all properties and check again :wink:

Ps, read the built in help - I'm sure it's mentioned there.

Yeah, I tried that too.
But getting empty topic something like below,
msgid: "cae305b5.ad2dd8"
payload: 12/23/2021, 8:33:44 PM [UTC+5.5]
topic: ""

and in a wrong path scenario, I am getting an error obj is being added.
So that's the reason I am not able to decide whether it is success or failure

Can you try with forward slashes in the path?

Ps, is you path a directory name or filepath?

Try the slashes then try just a directory name.

Also, is there actually a file named output? That is odd for Windows (check the file properties, it might have an extension like CSV or txt)

Yeah, I tried with forward slash, but no luck. it is not able to identify and shows 0x2f not recognized.
Yes, I am using the directory name till the folder where the file exists.

output is a file. without any extension. even I tried adding .txt to that and did changes in nodered. even then it is not working

And whenever i am using a path through flow variables, I am getting the below error from fs-ops-access node
and there is no variable regarding to length.
msg: error
"TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined"

Can you add a catch node + debug node (set it to complete msg object output), this may give more specific details about the issue you are facing.