Gauge looks awesome, some details are a bit off

I updated Dashboard 2.0 and started playing around with the gauge. First of all, I think the Half Gauge and the 3/4 Gauge looks awesome, and the transitions are also looking very nice.
But it looks like segments outside do not properly reflect the segments defined on the propery page:

The left two gauges are defined like this:

The gauge section is in the correct color, but the segments are off, the last red segment is not even visible.

All 4 of these gauges are in a group, and I defined size for all of them. It looks like the 3/4 Gauge looks like in 1x x 1x size, but the Half Gauge falls apart unless it is in 2x x 1x size.
Also the last gauge falls apart, probably because it has more space left next to the bigger 3/4 Gauge.

This happens because of the min of the gauge, doesnt match the first segment. I need to add some better validation and fallbacks for when they don't align!

Sorry indeed. Set the first setment to the same value as min, and everything is OK now.