Generating a list using ui_list-widget from MSSQL PLus

I´ve been struggling for a while now, to format my msg.payload in a way, that it is displayed in ui_list.


I found this entry here in the forum:

But I didn´t really get how to solve my problem.
Any feedback welcome.

A snippet from the help for ui_list:
Untitled 1

So does it work if you change your SQL query to
select Toolnr as title, Model from All_Tools where Loction = 'Werkzeugbau' ?

I could solve it after you made me aware, that the widget needs a message.payload.title.
So I wrote a function that iterates through the array and generates titles for every entry.

var schritt;
msg.test = msg.payload.length;
for(schritt = 0; schritt < msg.payload.length;schritt++)
    msg.payload[schritt].title = msg.payload[schritt].Toolnr + '-' + msg.payload[schritt].Model;


 return msg;


You could just as easily have done the text concatenation and generated this title field SQL query.

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