Get data from Shelly EM Array

Dears, Im in trubble with a simple thing.. I need to extract one value from Shelly EM array. I get this values and I need only one for process into a Nodered and manage a PV inverter

Immagine 2023-04-09 225428

the value I need is: payload.emeters[0].power

I need to substract with another value and give commands to the battery MPPT charger
Thank you in advance

Changed category as you are not creating new custom nodes.

That looks correct though the full address is msg.payload.emeters[0].power. What isn't working for you?

Hi Colin
Thank you for your reply! Yes is correct but i can’t take the single value to do a sum math. I would use the value for give commads to my mppt controller..
Thankyou and happy Easter to you and every one!!

You can do the maths in a function node. Show us what you have tried. We only need to see the function node.

I try to copy here the clip
flows.json (5.2 KB)

Sorry I'm totally noob

OK, your question was about how to extract the data from the array, but in fact it seems that it is about combining data from two separate messages coming from different sources. The first thing you need to do is to combine the two messages together so that you can access data from both of them. See this article in the cookbook for an example of how to join messages into one object.

seems I found with this way. with join I get all data, not only the total load and total p.v. watts :slight_smile: I start... what do you suggest to give a logic like read one calculated value and follow modbus commands for modify the outgoing load current?
thank's a lot!

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