Get routine name from alexa node

Hi everyone,
this is the use case: I would like to trigger a flow once a certain Alexa routine was initiated. Using the Alexa Event node it is possible to identify that the object was created through an Alexa routine within the data objective (domain: "Routines"). However, I couldn´t find any further spot that gives me the name of the certain routine. Anybody has an idea if/where to catch it?

No but I can share you my hack for Alexa routines in Node Red. With the node-red-local home automation node I have configured a "lamp" called routine. When configuring a routine I put this lamp on a unique brightness. So based on the brightness command I can see which routine is being called. I still hope for a better way. But for now this works perfectly.

I have to admit this really is a super creative hack @EmilWesselink :joy: But this than makes you loose the connection to identify which Echo device the input was received from, so you can´t really have the right Alexa device answering do you?

In the routine I use always "the device you speak to" to answer. But that are routine defined sentences. If you want to trigger a sentence build in Node Red I think I can combine those two in a Join node. I will have a go at it tomorrow. You gave me some inspiration.

I use the node 'On Device Activity' in my flow Pure Fun with Alexa to report what message (in msg.payload.alexaResponse) and device-name (in triggered it from a Q&A Alexa Skill.

Hi @dynamicdave , thats exactly how I´m doing it right now. However this proceeding depends on finding wording combinations that Alexa has no own proceeding for - otherwise you have a conflicting in action.

Let me give you an example: I placed a temperature sensor outside my balcony. Now I want to ask any echo inside my home about the temperature outside based on the sensors' measurement. However, if I ask Alexa about the temperature, the very own Alexa routine kicks in giving me the overall weather forecast of my greater region.

I now want to create a certain routine in Alexa, which I would like to detect starting together with the initiating device, so that I can send the corresponding message.

I agree you have to be careful with the wording otherwise she goes off on the wrong track.
This is part of my setup (that works for me)...
Screen Shot 06-13-21 at 01.11 PM
Screen Shot 06-13-21 at 01.09 PM
Screen Shot 06-13-21 at 01.02 PM
Screen Shot 06-13-21 at 01.03 PM

Here's what I have in the 'Switch' node...
Screen Shot 06-13-21 at 01.03 PM 001
In the last example, I tried giving a response ID - which also works.

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