Get sensor data

Hi, I'm new in Node-RED and I don't know how get data from 2 sensors.
The model of sensors is pkth100b cz1 and they use tty USB (serial port I think).
I'm stuck on this problem for 2 weeks, all I want is get data from sensor and save it in a database (MariaDB).
I know how to save data in MariaDB but I can't get data from sensors.
I would like to solve this problem.
Thanks in advance.

According to this it has an rs485 connection and supports modbus RTU.

Is your USB device an RS 485 SERIAL port?

As for modbus, there are hundreds of examples on the forum (search).

Yes, It is.
Sensor are configured to work in another raspberry with antoher database but I'm configuring it in a new raspberry from zero to save data in MariaDB

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