Getting Automagic for Android messages back to Node-RED

10Jun20 - Edited the thread title to more accurate reflect its contents

I've just discovered Automagic for Android and want to use it to forward WhatApp alerts from phone to Node-RED

So chose email as method of sending from phone and tried setting up email node with my gmail account but ran into all the issues over less secure apps/2FA/App passwords

Plus it pollutes my gmail inbox

So I'm thinking - someone else must have just set up a separate email provider for this sort of IoT use and could recommend one?

Couldn't you use telegram instead of email?

Just an idea.

you can always create another gmail account?


If you put a plus in the email you can set rules in gmail to auto delete emails

e.g suppose your gmail address is simon@gmá you can use simon+automagic@gmá and it still comes to you BUT its identifiable an automated email that you can auto tag / auto delete etc.

I just created a separate gmail account for NR, setup with an app password. When sending mail, I found if the from- and to-accounts are both the same, the mail appears in your sent folder, but not in your inbox.

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Never used automagic, I use Automate app for this. Automagic can send http request straight to node red

That might be better :+1: than my suggestions haha

I'd really hope that nothing can send an HTTP request to any of my Node-RED instances :slight_smile:

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Http request requires it to be reachable from the outside. I’ve an http-to-mqtt cloud proxy set up for that.

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of course. brain not in gear yet :slight_smile:

so introducing telegram might be a reasonable workaround?

Thats why i use Automate as it has a cloud message receive so it can receive messages from the web to using https

I run a local Automate app to forward any received cloud messages to where ever i wish (after screening messages)
Example messages -

[["launch", "org.xbmc.kodi"]] - open Media player
[["webhook", "ifttt open_rear_door"]] -send webhook to iftt 
[["launch", "org.mozilla.firefox|org.mozilla.gecko.LauncherActivity|android.intent.action.VIEW|"]] - open firefox at a web page.
[["webhook", "vera_on 8 0|vera_on 31 0|vera_on 19 0|vera_on 38 0|vera_on 43 0|vera_on 82 0|vera_on 41 0|vera_on 106 1|vera_on 85 1|node_routine_off TV_off 171"], ["speak", "good night|sleep well|see you tomorrow|100|en_GB|0|0x3|0x3"]] - send multiple webhook requests and a speak command.

No, but i could send an email to your node-red email account. Also how many servers will your unencrypted email pass through?
If you want to encrypt your emails use ProtonMail

I'm hoping that gmail from my phone IS encrypted

Have you told it to send encrypted?

Not explicitly - I just assumed that sort of thing came as standard nowadays

As a pre-caution, you can check sender and have a specific (generated) token be part of the subject/as subject.

Only between you and google - they then decrypt it so they can target the right Ads at you.

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That's what I thought - as long as they don't pass on my secret sedition activities to the authorities - I'm happy :slight_smile:

AutoMagic can send mqtt messages, I use it to send my tablet's battery state, the display state, dream time etc.

mmm- that could work for me when phone is at home and connected to my LAN - got a link on how to do that as I didn't see it as one of the options in the app

I use AutoMagic Premium and I have been using the mqtt publisher plugin for at least 2 years without issue.

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well - only to the US ones... though the adverts you get may give your game away....

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