Getting RGB values from general light

Hi there
just wondering how to get the current RGB values from a light bulb? I have currently Mueller Licht lights installed via a Conbee II Zigbee stick. Everything works properly. But want to know how to

  • read out current RGB values
  • write new RGB values
    to that specific lamp.
    Nothing found in the forum so far about such Mueller Licht lamps, so mayby any help on that?

Thank you !

There are certainly sensors that will give you a readout of light colour and intensity.

OK, which one would you suggest for the Mueller Lights?
I just read out once the payload when switching on/off, but there is no extra information about RGB and/or brightness.

Sorry, I know nothing about those lights. What I was referring to would a sensor that you could connect to an ESP/Arduino/Pi that would read the colour temperature and output a set of values that you could then use in Node-RED. Maybe have a search through the AliExpress site for options.

How do you control the lights ? with some app ?
You can use deconz with the conbee stick. deconz has a rest api plugin which you can use to read/set values (which in turn can be easily done from node-red)

Controlling the lights is done with Home Assistant in general and for some automation tasksI use the red node addon in HA. So using the rest api looks to me too complicated. I was assuming - or still hoping - there is a specific node available which provides relevant support already. Such is for Hue lights as an example.

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